A senior-cise Regimen


An innovative exercise system for senior citizens will be in place this fall at Clarence Foster and Wimbledon parks. The equipment, donated by the North Texas Specialty Physicians Charitable Fund, is designed to improve confidence, balance and strength needed to reduce falls among seniors. (Photo: City of Arlington)

Thanks to a generous donation by the North Texas Specialty Physcians (NTSP) Charitable Fund, Arlington senior citizens soon will be able to use an innovative new exercise system at two city parks to attain enhanced health and wellness.

The (NTSP) Charitable Fund has donated Xccent fitness equipment valued at $60,000 to Clarence Foster and Wimbledon parks. The gesture is aimed at reducing falls among seniors, while providing them additional rehabilitation locations and encouraging socialization for seniors among peers and younger generations. Regina L. Sobieski, NTSP Charitable Fund Foundation Director says:

“The NTSP Charitable Fund is honored to be partnering with the City of Arlington Parks and Recreation Department, who shares our vision for expanding opportunities to improve the health and well-being of our older adult population. We are proud to be donating two age-friendly wellness exercise systems that are ADA compliant and geared towards older Americans. The NTSP Charitable Fund Board of Directors wanted something unique and functional that promotes good health that would be of long-term benefit to local residents.”

For adults 65 years old and older, falling is the leading cause of injury. The new exercise system at both parks is designed to improve confidence, balance and strength needed to reduce falls.

The system incorporates activities that can enhance flexibility and core muscle strength. The equipment, which includes Tai Chi wheels and hand bikes, has been crafted to promote gentle physical activity.

The parks were chosen because they are located near senior recreation centers and senior populations.

The equipment, the first of its kind in Arlington, is something the aging adult population has been requesting, says Parks Project Manager Jadey James, who is coordinating the project along with the NTSP Charitable Fund.

“Without the grant we received from the Charitable Fund, a project like this wouldn’t happen,” James says. A timetable for installing the equipment is being created – the likely ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place this fall. The project aligns with the Arlington City Council priority to “Champion Great Neighborhoods.”

Clarence Foster Park is located at 4400 Woodland Park Blvd. Wimbledon Park is located at 2300 Wimbledon Drive.