Arlington Home With the Wow Factor


Dream homes come in a variety

of shapes, sizes, colors and styles. Oh, and in the case of the dwelling of Bob and Linda Buttrill, you need to add the “WOW!” factor to the mix

Indeed, that’s the exclamation often uttered first when visitors come over and take a stroll in and outside the home.

Half of the photos here represent the case for the interior portion of the house the retirees have called home for the past year and a half.

Statistically speaking, it looks like this:

• 4,114 square feet

• Four bedrooms

• Three baths (one is a jack & jill, and there are two half baths)


But, as you can see, the numbers tell just a portion of the story of this unique blend of substance and style. Every room you visit is equal parts practical and beautiful; each is a haven that can entertain as well as provide respite.

Linda says she and Bob like the versatility

– and they should, given that they did all the remodeling that produced the interior views that draw all the “wow!”s.


Of course, more than a few of those usually have been spoken even before someone new enters the front door. The Buttrill home is perched on .87 acres, a spread that utilizes the yards like a master uses his canvas.

So it’s little surprise that Bob and Linda are partial to the home’s exterior features.

“We really enjoy the outside living area with the pool and kitchen,” Linda says. “The pool and the sport court are great for our five grandchildren. The backyard is what drew me to the house to began with.”

The remaining photos help support her case for the great outdoors portion of the dwelling – as do the amenities represented in each image.


If the Buttrills and guests want to swim, they have a large, luscious wet playground at their disposal.

If they want to cook, there’s the aforementioned outdoor kitchen, which is equipped to do grilling tasks both large and small.

If they want to indulge in sport, be it basketball or tennis, a spacious multi-purpose court is a short walk from the pool and is equipped with state-of- the art surfaces and equipment for either game.


If they just want to relax and enjoy the view, there are two shaded patios that provide ample seating to suit that need – and to provide the perfect lap on which the couple’s grandkids can sit when they’re not swimming, hooping, netting or just running around the yard.

“It is such a lovely area with the flowers, trees and pool,” Linda says. “In winter, it has two different fireplaces, and TV can be watched from both patios.”


Collectively, the indoor and outdoor areas have become just what the Buttrills hoped for in 2014 when they decided to “downsize” and did the walkabout on the property for the first time.

“We made it our own by completely redoing the inside, from paint, lighting and stone countertops in the bathrooms to [redoing] the wood floors,” Linda says.

They also installed a bar, replaced two fireplace surrounds and added some new appliances. The previous structure plus the Buttrill additions produced a home with three fireplaces inside, a master suite downstairs, kids/guest rooms upstairs and plenty of settings to enjoy life elsewhere.

Can we get a “WOW!”?